Guide to Sailing in the Caribbean

Sailing in the Caribbean

Guide to Sailing in the Caribbean

A Christmas Sailing Vacation in Tortola

Hiring a sailing boat in Tortola during the Christmas season? You can easily pass the Christmas time abouts. Actually, this is the most popular time of the year when sailing enthusiasts and family vacationers flick to one of Tortola's marinas.

Christmas sailing kicks-off the sailing season in this region, which lasts until around Easter time. The weeks before Christmas are considered off-season, sailing is usually possible from the 3rd week of November. 

Is sailing during Christmas safe? There is a possibility you might experience the Christmas winds, but usually not more than for 1 or 2 days during your sailing vacation.

Weather conditions around Tortola during the Christmas holidays are stable. The hurricane season ends in early November. Sailing starts from late November as the water in this time of the year is calm and rain is not an annoyance either. Short showers might appear, but they are nothing that would ruin your family sailing vacation.

Christmas sailing in Tortola is extremely popular, so do expect traffic on sea and in the marina. If you want to rent a boat for Christmas in the BVI, you should plan ahead. Boat booking for Tortola starts in the summer months of July-August. All who want to grab their best boat should think ahead, but it is not impossible to find a sailing yacht free to rent in November. Don't give up and check out some boat booking websites, such as

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