Sailing in the Caribbean

Guide to Sailing in the Caribbean

Sailing in the Caribbean

Guide to Sailing in the Caribbean

Advantages of Mooring in Nanny Cay Marina



refuelling in 2 fuel docks;

electricity with 120/220V;

modern restrooms and shower facilities;



pump out station;

garbage disposal.

Why is Nanny Cay Marina the most popular around Tortola?


Nanny Cay Marina has been the most visited mooring facility in the surroundings for some decades now. With a capacity of 180 berths and excellent infrastructure, both private boat owners and yacht charter companies choose it as their base and starting point.


How to get to Nanny Cay

The marina and resort is about 10 miles, the ride taking some 25 minutes. If you are a DIY person, hire a car at the airport in advance and go exploring a little bit before embarking on your yacht charter vacation. It's a great way to cater for yourself and solve provisioning easily.

Or else, take a taxi for about $40. Taxis are reliable in the BVI and easy to hire in advance, air-conditioned minivans will take also a bigger company directly to the marina.

Yacht charter companies often offer this service too, some include it in the vacation package, others provide it for a surcharge. You will be asked for your flight details and the rest is their business. Those traveling with kids for a sailing vacation, should opt for having it organized for them.



Yacht charter from Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVI

Renting a Catamaran in the BVI

What information you get here:

1. Cost of Renting a Catamaran in the British Virgin Islands

2. Cost of Renting a Poweryacht in Tortola

3. How To Save Money on a Sailing Vacation

Renting a catamaran in the BVI

How much does a sailing vacation cost in the BVI?

A sailing vacation around the BVI with a skipper costs less then you might think. Here is what you pay and what you get for your money when sailing around the BVI:

1. Such a yachting experience would cost you around $6,000 with the skipper and all the mandatory costs included. What does it mean? When sailing on a catamaran in the BVI, the skipper costs about $1,500 per week and there is a starter package and/or final cleaning you have to pay, usually around $200-350. The weekly rental of a 4-cabin catamaran usually mounts to some $3,600. Thus is how the $6,000 is calculated. Consider, for those $6,000 you get 3 to 4 cabins, that is "hotel rooms" where 6-8 people can sleep. If you devide the overall price by 6, it is $1,000 per person for a weeklong sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands. 

Renting a Poweryacht in the BVI

If you want to experience your true luxury without spending too much, you still don't have to rule out a sailing vacation on a poweryacht either.

A power- or motoryacht will cost more, but you will be the king of Instagram for a long time after that for sure. How to save on a vacation like that? Do not rent a poweryacht alone, a group of 7-8 people opting for this sailing vacation together devides the costs by 7 or 8. 

What are the cheapest possibilities of a Motoryacht rental?

A 4-cabin motoryacht in Tortola costs some $9,000 for an entire week. It is intended for 8 people so the cost per person is far from being high-society exclusive.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that while a catamaran or a sailing boat uses sails, a Motoryacht has powerful engines that means high fuel consumption and it is rarely included in the price. Your further expenses during the rental will depend on how much time you spend cruising, how far you want to cruise with the Motoryacht. If you opt for a lazy holiday spending most of your time in breathtaking bays on anchor and dedicate more time to swimming and snorkelling, this reduces fuel costs.